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There was a highly sensitive and secured prison complex in Delhi-NCR of perimeter length of around 2.2km and it's bundary was covered with Y-angle/concertina coil fence which was a passive barrier so the risk of breeching by outsiders and insiders were possible there. To prevent the intrusion and breeching; the jail boundary must be covered with a active barrier technology.


It was required to install a active barrier which had the property of deterrence and detection both and which could delay the intrusion so that recation team might get enough time to respond. 


An electric fence was the active barrier soultion which had the capability of prevent or deter the intrusion and it could detect the intrusion as well. So we intalled the 12 lines electric fence which was welded to existing angle iron/concertina fence. The height of electric fence was 1.2 meters from the bottom line which was carrying live wires and earth wires alternately. All the posts and fence wire was hot dip galvanized and insulators and tensioners was UV stabilized. These properties of posts and wires made them weatherproof. As it was a multizone fence so at every 50m we installed a druid series dual zone energizer which was placed under weatherproof powder coated enclosure. The energizers ware synchronized to obey the IEC60335-2-76 and BIS302-2-76 standards. RS 485 network was estabilished among energizers which was sending the data to control room. At control room; there was a 7 inch touch screen panel which was linus based terminal. The use of the panel was to recieve the data from energizers and to send the command. The device itself was the monitoring and controlling medium. At display one could monitor the entire fence by wathching the graphical image on the screen and could send the controlling comands to each energizer.

Another use of this oanel was to send the data to the fence probe software. The fence probe software was installed in th desktop at control room. A mimic layout was uploaded to the software the variuos zones and commands were confgured to that. There was various command like to globally on/off the energizers,  to clear alarm, to high/low voltage globally and to operate individually. One could also monitor the fence operation and intrusion activity on that fence fence probe software. On every action and intrusion activity the software showed a pop-up with the sound and display actions.


The complete perimeter was secured now with the 12 line 42 zones electric fence solution which was proving deterrence, detection and delay to the intrusion activity. One could monitor and control the entire fence from the control room by operating fence probe software and touch screen panel.










There was a Solar plant near Bengaluru (Karnataka), which was surrounded by forest area and a small village, there was no physical barrier across the perimeter of plant. The accessories of plant could be damaged by animal and there was possibility of intrusion from populated area.



 It was required to find a solution which not only protect the premises but also detect the intrusion.



A Free standelectric fence was installed in 24 wire anti-climb configuration. The posts used were hot dip galvanized and were grouted in the ground. A chain mesh fence with 1.5meter height above ground were running parallel to electric fence as per IEC regulations i.e. there must be a physical barrier along with electric fence if there is some populated area.

Solid wire was tensioned by heavy duty tensioners at every strain post.

It was 8 zone system which was created by 4 Druid 28LCD dual zone energizer with siren, strobe, keypad and earthing protection. All 4 energizers were synchronized by Druid Synchronization module which was wireless sync communication. All 8 zones can be controlled and monitored by Touch screen FG7 Controller which was mounted in the control room. A network among energizers and FG7 was created by using optical fiber, Switches etc.


The Solar plant is now securely protected by a remotely controlled and monitored electric fence which will sound an alarm if it is cut or tempered with and the alert will be generated at control room. The client has now peace of mind knowing that their property is secure.


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